Electric Sky Films
Teaching Filmmaking, Animation and Chess
activities in and around
Littleton Massachusetts.
A unique opportunity for local area students actors and filmmakers to participate in all aspects of  filmmaking by helping create a new and different style of  movie.

The Prism movie
Winner at the 2013 Littleton Film Festival
prism set
Below: Prism Movie set at Fay Park 8/2012.
Site updated: 6/25/2018.
For our feature length films when wave have them, Cast/Crew members under 18 must
have a parent sign the attached release form.
Actors must send in a recent picture and acting resume.
Local area actors only. Example: Littleton, Acton, Westford, Groton, Ayer, Harvard,
Must have acting experience.
These are very small productions filmed at various places in Littleton [ Town Hall, Library,
Cafe, Parks...etcetera...].
When filming there are usually 2-3 actors and 2 crew members[students] and the director:
lawrence hebert.
Littleton A.D. Film team:  Matthew Pace, Oliver Smith, Harry Palmer, Lawrence Hebert [Instructor]
Below is the 2016 Littleton Sci-Fi Academy movie Invasion Littleton.
3 Film
Student movies Invasion Littleton and Littleton A.D
in DVD format now on sale $20.00 each. Includes
[11 minutes], actor interviews,
behind the scenes/outtakes.
Free local shipping.
2016-Summer DVD now AVAILABLE !
$20 includes short sci-fi student movie, interviews and outtakes. Includes standard U.S shipping.
Donate a small $amount$ so we can
make more of these wonderful sci-fi and
chess films.
Movie Part-1 and 2 +
Interviews and behind the
scenes are now on
youtube for the The Silver
Our Chess Activities
                       CHESS SECTION

Put down the video games. Turn off the electronic devices and
power up the mind with chess!
..Insider information you won't find in books or online. Start
increasing you calculation and visualization power soon after
starting the class. The power stays with you forever.

For our individual one-on-one student Chess lessons:
Weekend slots
are now filled for these amazing and
popular one-on-one lessons!
Since I am now on summer
break some weekdays and some week nights slots
Seek night lessons slot available. Thursday and
Friday night 6-7pm has been taken.    

More information also at the director's website:

Check our reviews below with more coming.

1 hour student chess lessons at Littleton
Starbucks  $30
per lesson. Normally about 5-8 lessons but you can wrap
up any time.

Very popular lessons thus very few weekend and week
night slots available.

Chess Intro:
For beginner that hasn't played: we learn piece
names, moves, check, checkmate,./rapid
development, clock..Insider information you won't
find in books and online. Start increasing you
calculation and visualization power soon after starting
the class.

For the beginner who already knows how to play but now
wants to know how to win! We teach:

Tactics and Strategies for the Beginner:
Opening methods; mid game attack/pins/forks,
discovered check, simple end game theory, chess
clock, club/tournament etiquette and strategies,
mating patterns, physiological strategies [ the
opponent doesn't know they are in trouble until it's
too late]. Deflection methods and more...You won't
find these in books or rookie teachers only in
seasoned tournament winners.

Cost and location are fixed, no changes!

Current Students:
ages 6-


Recent parent reviews:
Subject: Re: Chess Lessons

Facebook: Melissa M.Payer reviewed LittletonChess —
5 star
May 5 at 8:41pm ·
Larry is an excellent teacher/coach and has made learning
chess fun and engaging for my daughter.

Hi Lawrence,

Leighton enjoyed the lesson and asked to continue. I'm
not sure who enjoyed it more him or dad?

Dan told me he noticed Leighton's imagination drifted
several times, so as long as you can work with that and
keeping him focused doesn't bother you, we'd like to

Jacklynn  / Groton

Subject: Re: Chess lessons

Hi Lawrence,

Abhiram definitely liked the chess lesson with you. Can we
come tomorrow at 7pm? We are so much interested to

Please confirm.

Kavitha   / Westford
Sign up for our next session of student
group lessons. We need 4-6 players.