Electric Sky Films
A unique opportunity for local area students actors and filmmakers to participate in all aspects of  filmmaking by helping create a new and different style of  movie.
prism set

The Prism movie
Winner at the 2013 Littleton Film Festival
Below: Prism Movie set at Fay Park.
Site updated: 1/29/2019.
Below is the 2016 Littleton Sci-Fi Academy movie Invasion Littleton.
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Our Chess Activities
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for the sci-fi class below.
Updated 2019 Groton Dunstable 8 day Sci-Fi Syllabus!
Click on picture below.
Young Sci-Fi Filmmaking Syllabus

In this class the student can write scripts, act, direct, operate HD cameras or all of the
There will be a small amount of 3D animation and special effects that they create for their
Their Sci-Fi Film will be about 10 minutes in length and be part of the DVD that gets
produced at a later date. The DVD will contain the film, student interviews and behind the
scenes footage.

Day-1 - Creative Day.
The instructor will give an overview of the class and the preproduction process.
Here the students will be given 4 short scripts to read and choose one for the class.
The names can be changed.  Take a look at prior youtube renditions of the scripts.
      - Invasion Littleton
      - Littleton A.D.
      - The Silver City
      - Under Fay Park

Day-2 Equipment, Rehearse and film.

Rehease as to learn basic film acting methods.       
Learn the HD cameras, set up green screens, dollys.
Film the first 2 scenes.

Day-3 Special Effects and Film scenes 3 and 4.
With a couple of laptops the students will create some special effects.
Smoke, fire, sparkles, laser beams.

Day-4 3D Animation and film scenes 5 and 6.
With a couple of laptops the students will create some simple 3D animations.
Android, jets...

Days 5- Music and Edit film scenes 7 and 8.
Using Apple Logic Pro apply some simple music to the movie.
Final Cut Pro for editing the actual film. Show some simple editing.

Days-6 Sound Effects and film scenes 9 and 10.
Using Apple Logic Pro apply some simple sound effects to the movie.
Explosions, ray gun blasts...

Day-7 Interviews for DVD and film touch ups.
Interviews for whomever wants one.
Last minute film touch ups.

Day-8 Interviews, Terminator face and wrap up.
Terminator face. Dots placed on the student face for 3D tracking of a terminator mask.
Look under Continuing Ed technology section.
***NEW *** 2/29/2019
Is your kid signed up?

Acton kids already signed up to be in our short sci-fi action
film at Acton Boxborough Elementary [Community Education].
Feb-20-2019-[ School vacation week ].  
Is your kid signed up? DVD to be played at school at a later date!
Maybe you know some of our past
actors from Littleton and Acton.

Sarah Toporoff
Dana Mulone
Linnea Ross
Oliver Smith
Matthew Pace
Harry Palmer
Amy Bullock
Oliver Tejeda
Andy Sheldon
Avery Powers
ElectricSkyFilms has made in Littleton:
2 feature sci-fi films: Electric Sky and
The Prism.
And 3 short sci-fi films"
Invasion Littleton
Littleton A.D.
The Silver City

All have trailers on youtube
Upcoming films to be filmed in Littleton MA. 2019
Littleton Chess Wizard[female lead].
Pays $30 per day. 10-3pm. Ages: 10-14.
lunch included

Also first of our tween/teen sci-fi trilogy:
Comet Dust 2019   Ages: 10-14.
Pays $30 per day. 10-3pm. lunch included

As in the past we will be filming everywhere in Littleton;
Cafe, Sub shop, town hall, library, parks, Valley Wild Books,
town streets...etc...
Send in a picture and a bio/acting experience.
Of course a parent release form has to be signed. We have a
simple standard one. Proven acting experience required.
I would apply quick before I start advertising at Acton Boxborough
Schools and drama programs! Tons of actors there!