Electric Sky Films
Teaching Filmmaking, Animation and Chess
activities in and around
Littleton Massachusetts.
A unique opportunity for local area students actors and filmmakers to participate in all aspects of  filmmaking by helping create a new and different style of  movie.

The Prism movie
Winner at the 2013 Littleton Film Festival
Site updated: 9/5/2018
For our feature length films when wave have them, Cast/Crew members under 18 must
have a parent sign the attached release form.
Actors must send in a recent picture and acting resume.
Local area actors only. Example: Littleton, Acton, Westford, Groton, Ayer, Harvard,
Must have acting experience.
These are very small productions filmed at various places in Littleton [ Town Hall, Library,
Cafe, Parks...etcetera...].
When filming there are usually 2-3 actors and 2 crew members[students] and the director:
lawrence hebert.
Littleton A.D. Film team:  Matthew Pace, Oliver Smith, Harry Palmer, Lawrence Hebert [Instructor]
Below is the The Prism movie -Part-1 of 4. Filmed in Littleton MA
Student movies Invasion Littleton and Littleton A.D
in DVD format now on sale $20.00 each. Includes
[11 minutes], actor interviews,
behind the scenes/outtakes.
Free local shipping.
2016-Summer DVD now AVAILABLE !
$20 includes short sci-fi student movie, interviews and outtakes. Includes standard U.S shipping.
Donate a small $amount$ so we can
make more of these wonderful sci-fi and
chess films.
Movie Part-1 and 2 +
Interviews and behind the
scenes are now on
youtube for the The Silver
Our Chess Activities
Let me know if you plan on signing up
for the sci-fi class below.
Our Chess Activities
Young Sci-Fi Filmmaking Syllabus

In this class the student can write scripts, act, direct, operate HD cameras or all of the
There will be a small amount of 3D animation and special effects that they create for their
Their Sci-Fi Film will be about 10 minutes in length and be part of the DVD that gets
produced at a later date. The DVD will contain the film, student interviews and behind the
scenes footage.

Day-1 - Creative Day.
       The instructor will give an overview of the class and the preproduction process.
 Here the students will be given 4 short scripts to read and choose one for the class.
      The names can be changed.  Take a look at prior youtube renditions of the scripts.
             - Invasion Littleton
             - Littleton A.D.
             - The Silver City
             - Under Fay Park

Day-2 Equipment, Rehearse and film.

   Rehease as to learn basic film acting methods.       
   Learn the HD cameras, set up green screens, dollys.
  Film the first 2 scenes.

Day-3 Special Effects and Film scenes 3 and 4.
 With a couple of laptops the students will create some special effects.
 Smoke, fire, sparkles, laser beams.

Day-4 3D Animation and film scenes 5 and 6.
   With a couple of laptops the students will create some simple 3D animations.
  Android, jets...

Days 5- Music and Edit film scenes 7 and 8.
  Using Apple Logic Pro apply some simple music to the movie.
   Final Cut Pro for editing the actual film. Show some simple editing.

Days-6 Sound Effects and film scenes 9 and 10.
Using Apple Logic Pro apply some simple sound effects to the movie.
   Explosions, ray gun blasts...

Day-7 Interviews for DVD and film touch ups.
   Interviews for whomever wants one.
   Last minute film touch ups.

Day-8 Interviews, Terminator face and wrap up.
   Terminator face. Dots placed on the student face for 3D tracking of a terminator mask.
Look under Continuing Ed technology section.